The Faculty of Theatre offers two main programs both of which are designed to reflect the needs of the professional theatre. This Program offers courses on aspects of the traditional arts, modern and contemporary theatre practice. Even though courses are primarily practice based they are all framed by theory.

Diploma in Theatre

The Diploma program prepares students through formalized training and education by developing talent and skill as required by the Malaysian contemporary theatre. Learning is through lectures and studio-based practice facilitated by experienced teaching staff, professionals, and industry personnel. This program offers a blend of the theoretical and the practical in acting, management and theatre design.

Bachelor of Theatre (Hons)

The programmes offered under the Bachelor of Theatre are:


This programme offers formal and systematic training focusing on modern and traditional theatre practices using lectures, and studio-based work delivered by experienced academicians/artists. Through this offering students are immersed in the mastering the styles and techniques of classic, modern and experimental acting. In class activity is further enhanced by emphasis on preparing for working for the stage, television and Film.


This programme provides students with the understanding of the role and work of a theatre director. There is an emphasis on theory, organization, leadership, research, and artistic management, in addition to the introduction to the latest stage technology and directing styles.

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