ASWARA is an institution of higher learning dedicated to the teaching, research, and the study of Malaysian traditional and contemporary arts through the cultivation of imaginative, creative, and critical thinkers capable of contributing to and sustaining the creative industries both nationally and internationally.


To become the Malaysian centre of excellence for the education and the training for art, culture, and national heritage and to be recognized as such at the regional and international levels.


In fulfilling its mission and vision, the ASWARA administration, lecturers, staff, and students are committed to the following core values.

Pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, research, and the creation of art.

Integrity in carrying our duties, both teaching and non-teaching, in a manner that is fair, honest, truthful, and ethical.

Respect for each other by treating one another with openness, professionalism, civility, and collegially in all endeavours.

Innovation by promoting and defending the acquisition and development of individual creativity and innovation in an open and safe environment.

Loyalty to God, King and country.

Commitment to learning and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Diversity in all aspects of the community including people, ideas, knowledge, and art.

Collaboration by working together to further the common goals while valuing teamwork, participation, and respecting diverse ideas and opinions.

Accountability for the academic programmes, the students, and the resources entrusted to ASWARA



Di sini bersemi tunas impian

Berakar budi budaya zaman

Yang melahirkan karyawan berilmu

Sahut cabaran teguh  bersatu

Tajamkan pena

Seindah bahasa lagukan irama

Rentak pusaka lenggokkan tari pentas seniman

Layarkan seni catatan warisan

Kita laung suara ibunda

Terbilang dipuncak dunia

Kita junjung budaya bangsa

Gemilang dan mashyur namanya

ASWARA tetap megah berdiri

Melangkah ke hadapan bersama tradisi

Tingkat semangat penuh jati diri

Seni di mertabat bangsa dihormati