ASWARA was established in 1994 by the Government of Malaysia under the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. Originally it was known as Akademi Seni Kerbangsaan (ASK) but in 2006 it was changed to AKADEMI SENI BUDAYA DAN WARISAN KEBANGSAAN. Today the university is widely recognized as ASWARA and is fully supported by the Government of Malaysia.
ASWARA is Malaysia’s only public university dedicated entirely to the arts, both contemporary and traditional, and committed to academic and artistic excellence in a wide range of areas leading to diploma, baccalaureate degree, masters, and doctorate.
It is ASWARA’s vision is that this institution be the first choice for people wishing to study and practice the arts, culture, and heritage. And, to that end, provides an environment conducive to learning, practicing, and researching every aspects of its offerings with the ultimate goal of producing creative graduates capable of researching, sustaining, and promoting our national heritage as scholars, performers, educators, artists and critics. It is our wish that ASWARA graduates be the core of the professional creative arts industries throughout Malaysia thereby enhancing our society as educated and informed citizens and ensuring the conservation and preservation of our national and artistic heritage