ASWARA will strive to meet the requirements and expectations of the people of Malaysia including the students, parents, sponsors, the creative industries, and arts practitioners in an ethical and responsible manner. The university will offer professional programs in arts and cultural heritage that reflect the best of international and Malaysian practices while fulfilling the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and the Arts professions. ASWARA will ensure:

  • that all programs and offerings are ratified in conjunction with the university’s procedure, rules, and regulations
  • that students are provided with educational experiences reflecting the latest developments and research in their area of study.
  •  access to relevant and up to date reference materials, tools, space, and equipment.
  • that all academic qualifications meet the approval of the government, and reflect the needs of the creative industries and professional groups.
  • that advisory services meet customer needs in a professional and friendly manner.
  • that academic and artistic excellence is highlighted and awarded within a timely manner
  • that degrees are awarded at the official convocation upon fulfilling the approved requirements.
  • that accurate feedback will be  provided in a courteous and timely manner


In order to ensure that the Charter can be implemented effectively it is necessary that our clients co-operate with us, treat the facilities responsibly, and observe the relevant regulations, rules, and guidelines.


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