Pusat Pengajian PascaSiswazah (Kursi P. Ramlee) continues to move forward in carrying out its function as an Institute of Higher Education which has successfully produced many graduates in creative industries to support the aspirations of the Malaysian nation through existing policies.The Seat Of P. Ramlee, Centre for Research Excellence and artistic scholarship ASWARA has offered programmes at the postgraduate level where the intake of the first batch of students began in September 2013.The Centre offers Master of Creative Arts and Doctorate of creative arts programmes in the field of Creative Arts covering various fields such as fine arts,creative writing,theatre,film,dance,music, animation and arts administration programmes offered at the P chair. Ramlee, Centre for Research Excellence and artistic scholarship are as follows:

Doctoral Degree in Creative Arts by research-MQA / FA 4625(based on practical/laboratory and Creative Work/Production)

Curriculum components of study must be completed within three (3) years of Study (6 semesters) or not exceeding four (4) years of study (8 semesters)

Master of Creative Arts in mixed mode – MQA / FA 4624 (coursework & research )

Components of the study curriculum must be completed within two years of study (4 semesters) or not exceeding three (3) years of Study (6 semesters)

Both levels of study apply the design of Arts-based research or “Arts Based Research” in the structure of the study program offered. The centre is confident that its unique approach and structure of study through art-based research will be a top choice for academics and art practitioners who intend to pursue their studies at Master’s and doctoral levels.

The Aswara postgraduate study center hopes that the art-based research design can help jointly lift the field of arts research through the right paradigm and in accordance with the discipline of arts as a field of knowledge. Aswara Postgraduate School is confident and hopes that the arts field will be more dynamic and able to build an excellent “Body of Knowledge”in the future through research.The study Semester is carried out intensively including lectures, workshops, criticism sessions, seminars, presentations and exhibitions. Throughout the course of study, students will be guided by a supervisor who is skilled and professional in the field of study so that students can realize student art and research projects with the support of the center and selected advisors.

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