Faculty of Music aims to provide students with the experience to develop their musical skills and enhance their knowledge of music theory. The faculty’s vision is to produce students who are skilled, creative, and critical thinkers, and highly motivated to contribute to the Malaysian art world.

Diploma in Music

The courses in this programme focus on instrumental and vocal performances with emphasis on the traditional Malaysian and western music (classical and modern).

Bachelor of Music with Honours

Faculty of Music Degree (Hons) programme consists of courses that bridge the traditional and modern music in order to produce a new and creative styles in line with current developments in the contemporary music industry.

The three modules offered in this programme are:



Audio Production

The offerings are divided into courses for instrumental and vocal performances leading to Traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian Ethnic, and Western music (classical and modern jazz). Students are exposed to creativity in the line of performances, song writing, compositional techniques, and audio production skills – “live” or in the studio; this approach will equip them, upon graduation from ASWARA, to qualify for favourable positions in the music industry

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