FACULTY OF ANIMATION & MULTIMEDIA aims to produce high-quality graduates specialising in animation and games art. The faculty offers three programmes designed through collaboration with industry experts, and researchers. Interdisciplinary learning experience in creative media, technology, arts, and culture are also utilized in order to produce meaningful artwork.

Bachelor of Digital Games Art with Honours


Digital Games Art programme qualifies students who are interested in pursuing digital games development, video games and applications. Learning method for project-based studio provides practical experience as in the industry. The outcome of this programme is graduates who can be employed as game artists, modeller, level designers, game developers, producers, and technical artists.

 Core Modules :

• Game Art Studio • 3D Modeling  • Motion Capture
• Technical Art • 3D Computer Animation  • Moving Images and Sound
• Game Studies • Multimedia & Communication  • Game Project Development
• Game Quality Assessment • Narrative Design  • Law in the Arts

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Bachelor of Animation with Honours


This programme provides opportunities for talented students to master knowledge and skills in animation. Students will learn theory and practice and become more critical in producing meaningful animation. The learning mode is a combination of blended-learning and studio practices. The structure of the programme is crafted according to animation industry needs. Studying this area can lead to Professional careers bas animator, modeller, texture artist, art director, producer, compositor, and layout artist.

 Core Modules :

• Character Design • 3D Modeling  • Motion Capture
• Integrated Design Studio • 3D Computer Animation  • Animation Merchandising
• Animation Project • Visual Effects for Animation  • Animation Studies
• Illustration • Law in the Arts  • Scripts & Storyboard

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Diploma in Animation


This module aims to enable students to become players in the animation industry. They will be introduced to production skills in 2D and 3D animation by applying multimedia technology as the tool.

Core Modules :

• 2D Animation • Computer Modeling  • Animation Appreciation
• Figure Drawing • Video & Sound Editing  • Computer Animation
• The Art of Storytelling • Visual Effects  • Animation Project

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update: 15 November 2023