The Faculties of Creative Writing and Film have merged for administration purposes; the courses and programmes have not changed as a result.


The objective of this programme is to provide opportunities to those who are interested in the field of creative writing to learn and immerse themselves more securely in the practice of writing in a formal, theory-based approach.

Diploma in Creative Writing

The faculty offers a Diploma in Creative Writing allowing students to experience more intensely writing in a formal, theory-based and practical approach in collaboration with history, psychology, appreciation, and critical analysis.

Bachelor of Creative Writing with (Hons)

This module offers courses that relate to script writing for stage performance, film, and television along with aspects of history, theory, stage action, directorial approach, and process. Modern fiction, stories for children and adolescents’ courses are also covered by the faculty under this subject.

The programmes offered under the faculty in Bachelor of Creative Writing are:


This module offers courses that related to script writing for stage performance. The aspects of history, theory, stage flow, approach, process, technique and the writing, language style and thinking skills are taught specifically with emphases on the practical (writing) up to 60 per cent. Modern fiction, stories for children and adolescents writing courses are also offered by the faculty under the same module.


This module offers courses that related to script writing for screenplay, television and big screen (film). Several writing styles that are suitable with the TV programmes and screenplay are exposed to the students in order to provide understanding, experience and skills to produce an art work. Courses in documentary script writing and advertisement are also offered to integrate the module’s input and needs of the local industry.


Film offers a comprehensive study of the theoretical and the practical aspects of film using a wide variety of topics including directing, cinematography, editing, sound design, production design and production management.

The main focus of the faculty is to produce high calibre students who are knowledgeable and skilled in various areas in film, television p, and research.


The Diploma curriculum is based on three (3) main modules including, (1) Theory and Appreciation, (2) Creative Practices and (3) Management. Students are required to successfully complete each of the modules.

The main aim of the faculty is to produce knowledgeable professionals with mastery in a variety of fields in film production and research from workshops, studio and laboratory work, production, film screening, field work, and interaction with the academic personnel and local and international guest artists from the industry.


The Faculty of Film & Television (Hons) aims to produce graduates who are well-rounded, professionally trained in various production practices and styles of film and television as well as research. A wide range of courses are offered in such areas as directing, cinematography, editing and sound, and production design.

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