PuTRA offers traditional performing arts courses for all students enrolled in the Diploma and Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) programmes at ASWARA. The courses offered cover both the theoretical and practical aspects  and are delivered  by an experts  from the field and  Adiguru. (PuTRA has Adiguru who are specialists in wayang kulit, makyung, bangsawan,  gamelan and  ethnomuzicology theory.)

PuTRA focuses on preserving, promoting, and strengthening traditional arts activities in the modern Malaysian society as well as preparing professional performers in various disciplines of traditional performing arts within the creative industries.

PuTRA endeavours to:

  • Provide a balanced learning experience including the theoretical, practical, and academic knowledge of the traditional performing arts.
  • Preserve the traditional by infusing it with new ideas centred on “modernization based on traditional roots.”
  • Develop new knowledge based on traditional arts, aesthetics, self-esteem, and positive personal values
  • Create collections, references, and documentations about Malaysian traditional performing arts and heritage.


  • Produce knowledgeable performers with wide range of skill on traditional performing arts
  • Function as an agency that produces credible, ethical and professional performers of traditional performing arts
  • Function as a local and international reference centre for traditional performing arts
  • Function as a centre that provides reference collections and documentation pertaining to Malaysian traditional performing arts heritage.