The Faculty of Dance offers Studies in a variety of traditional and contemporary dance techniques from across Malaysia, Asia and the West. The main target of the faculty is to produce professional dancers, knowledgeable and high caliber, and able to generate ideas in the production of works.

Faculty of dance explores the field of dance globally through studio, lecture and production activities using a ‘hands-on’ learning approach from skilled instructors such as adiguru, industry figures, professionals and lecturers. Based on Malaysian traditional dance, filling a comprehensive course through references such as reading references, dance workshops, and the implementation of production will provide skills, experience and spirit of struggle to advance the field of dance in the country.

MQA / FA 0163

ASWARA offers dance Diploma programs that apply practical and theoretical learning concepts that include cultural diversity, creation of works and thoughts in dance. The learning syllabus is based on the basic Malaysian traditional dance techniques covering the main folk dances in Malaysia. In line with the industry today, to produce competitive dancers, Western dance techniques such as ballet and Contemporary are made part of the main subjects to be studied. Students will also be exposed to how to create motion and important elements in producing dance choreography.

In addition, to ensure that students are able to think, discuss and evaluate a performance, theoretical subjects such as performance theory, dance history as well as anatomy and injury can help students in improving creative and critical thinking skills. This Program aims to give a comprehensive emphasis in every dance that is learned in terms of understanding of technique, style and taste so as to produce quality dancers.

This is the kind of dance we learn:

Malay Folk Dance
Malay Classical Dance
Chinese Folk Dance
Indian Classical Dance
Sabah Ethnic Dance
Sarawak Ethnic Dance
Tai Chi

ASWARA offers programs in two specializations namely:-

Bachelor of Dance With Honors (Performance)
MQA / FA 0144; and

Bachelor of Dance with Honours (choreography)

MQA / FA 0145

This Program aims to produce graduates who can master a variety of Malaysian, Asian and Western dance techniques. Generally, students will focus on only one particular area. The main goal of this program is to produce professional dancers and choreographers of international standard as well as knowledgeable in theoretical and practical terms.

In an effort to develop the country’s Creative Arts industry, this program emphasizes the theory and philosophy of education that can produce graduates with knowledge to carry out studies so that they can become practitioners, educators, reference experts and Ethnology dance Reference Center.

The following is the implementation of the module in performance and choreography:

1) Presentation Module

Students will perform (optional) dances as follows:

Malay Dance
Indian Dance
Chinese Dance
Sabah/Sarawak Dance
and others
Requirements: each student is required to perform a dance SOLO, DUET, and group. The duration of the presentation is 20 to 30 minutes for each student;


2) Choreography Module

Students will have to do two jobs::-

A work that uses elements of tradition.
One free work.
The duration of each work is from 8 to 10 minutes.

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