Pengarang : Ruslan Imam & Ramlan Mohd Imam

ISBN : 978-983-2538-35-6

Tahun Terbit : 2016

Halaman : 224

Harga : RM 50.00

Simfoni Warisan comprises of musical works of Ruslan Imam and Ramlan Imam. Both composers were aspired to imbue their music with a very complex relationship between its affective (emotional) content, and the intellectual means by which it is achieved. The make use of the musical development, the process by which a musical germ, idea or motive is repeated in different contexts, or in altered form, so that the mind of the listener conciously or unconciously compares the different versions. Their compositional style is definitely unique with Negri Sembilan melodies and instrumentation with a Western classical and contemporary approach. Thiis edition is practical for students of music history, orchestration, theory, composition, arranging, amateur and professional instrumentalist, concert goers, music lovers, a reference or just a companion for your greater musical enjoyment.