Author : James Boyle

ISBN : 978-983-2538-21-9

Year Publish : 2013

Pages : 100

Price : RM 21.00

Jimmy Boyle’s composition has been considered by many to be a Malaysian standard repertoire. Putera-Puteri and Kemegahan Negaraku, is sung by many school choirs in Malaysia. Malaysian great arrangers such as Johari Salleh, Alfonso Soliano, Gus Styen, Rahman Rahmat, Tan Chong Yew have arranged Putera-Puteri, Chendering, Jauh-Jauh, Sungai Pahang, Bunga Negara, Gema Rembulan, Ingat-Ingat, Kemegahan Negara were being recorded by Radio Television of Malaysia Orchestra (RTM).  To collect and transcribe Jimmy Boyle’s composition could be daunting task by many but for James, it’s a tribute to his father and this is something everyone should appreciate. If it wasn’t his effort, many wouldn’t have recognised Jimmy Boyle. This book represents Jimmy Boyle’s thought, ideas, inspiration, dedication and his love as a point of reference for the future generations of musicians, songwriters, arrangers and composers of different stylistic areas. Certainly, in the near future, it will always be impossible to think of Malaysian music without taking into account the contribution of music composed by Jimmy Boyle and many others. This is a book of creative work that will be studied for years to come.