Author : A Group of Authors

ISBN : 978-983-2538-34-9

Year Publish : 2016

Pages : 101

Price : RM 15.00

In the Moonlight is an anthology of poems written by Baharudin Ahmad, former heads of the Kursi P. Ramlee of ASWARA; National Laurette, Anwar Ridhwan; Zubaidah Yusoff, a lecturer of English and philosophy from Paramadina University, Indonesia; Aadil Farouk, a former student from the International Islamic University and Anita Zainalabidin, ASWARA’s very own post-graduate student. This collection of poems from these five writers is ASWARA’s first attempt to publish a collection of poems in the English language. Except for SN Dato’ Dr. Anwar Ridhwan who is an essayist, novelist, dramatist, poet amongst athers, the other writers are making their initial forays in the world of crafting poems, although Zubaidah from Indonesia and Aadil Farouk from Pakistan, have had their poems published. Anita Zainalabidin’s two poems are included in this anthology to provide a catalyst for her to further indulge in the craft of creating poems. This collection of poems will inspire readers to deep read the poems and to enjoy the craft of layered challenges as they delve into the latent suggestions offered by these five poets.