Author : Hassan Abd. Mutalib

ISBN : 978-983-2538-33-2

Year Publish : 2016

Pages : 294

Price : RM 120.00

For the first time ever, Malaysian animation history spanning the last seventy years or so, has been cleverly encapsulated into a book. Given the fact taht many studioshave gone international and that Malaysia currently holds the record for having made the most number of animation productions, this book is vital piece of reference for animation students, industry practit and scholars. This book provides a much needed chronicling of animation history whilst documenting the achievements, trials, tribulation and sacrificesof those involved in the animation industry from 1946 right up to the present. The author explains how Malaysian animation has its roots in Asian traditional folklore and performing arts. The Malaysian historical highlights covered include published folktales as well as host of long-forgotte classical stories that many will benefit from. Moving into contemporary times, this book reveals how the local animation industry progressed in leaps and bounds due to strong government support in the 1990s. It also dwells on the dire need to teach animation in the right manner as in an era with vast technological advances, thousand of young people have embraced animation as their career.