Faculty of Music aims to provide exposure to the students about the importance of musical skills and knowledge of music theory, which is the most important element in understanding the basic music. The faculty vision is to produce students who are highly skilled, creative and critical thinking and highly motivated art arena that will fill the country.

Diploma in Music

Modules that are offered in the program of study Diploma in Music are as follows:

– Presentation
– Musical Instruments Manufacturing Technology
– Composition
– Music Technology
– Music Performance Management

Diploma in Music is divided into courses of instrumental and vocal performances geared to traditional musician’s ethnic communities in Malaysia and western music (classical and modern). Emphasis is given to the technique of playing a musical instrument with the correct style and form beliefs appearance during the show. This module focuses on conservation and the manufacture of musical instruments Malay drum tool, stringed instrument, wind instrument and tuning the sound system for the gong. This module gives emphasis to the students to compose and create songs. The main emphasis is given to the author’s technique score, rhythm section, analysis of scores and compositions. Modular Technology has approach with technical and creative in handling the equipment and the software to create high quality music records. In addition, students learn about conservation techniques in the form of audio or music manuscript and managerial skills in the form of music information database and the web. This module will introduce the theoretical aspects, creative and technical in publishing a music production. Students will be given the opportunity to operate a staging as a guest.

Bachelor of Music with Honours

Faculty of Music Degree program module contains courses that form as an intermediate technology to traditional and modern music in order to produce a new form of work in line with current developments in the music industry. The modules offered in the Faculty of Music are: – Presentation Module – Module Composition and Technology – Module Production Music – Music Business   It is divided into courses for instrumental and vocal performances leading to Traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian and Ethnic and Western music (classical and modern jazz). This module focuses on the analysis and criticism of music and performance management in more detail.   This module is an advanced course in which they are involved in an arrangement, composition techniques and the application of more specific harmony. Emphasis is given to the use of equipment and software used in music production techniques bleak recording, editing and mastering. Students are exposed to more creative use of technology to produce high quality and professional work. This module is introduced for entrepreneurs in the music industry, particularly in the areas of management, marketing and publishing.

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