Faculty of Music


The Faculty of Music aims to educate, train and develop students to excel in music as well as to produce graduates who can make music as their established career. The curriculum, which is unique and relevant to the practice in the music industry in Malaysia and global, has attracted not only inborn and talented students in the creative arts, but also students who were excel in academics field as well. The aim of the faculty is to teach and preserve traditional arts, contemporary music and provide career preparation (practical), in a programme called, ‘Malaysian Young Artist.’ In order to enhance musicianship and creativity among students, the learning and teaching methods using face-to-face practice between students and a group of master teachers, recording artist, composer, songwriter and composer, educator and professional experts enable students to be skilful and gain first-hand experience. This exposure is a great opportunity in producing high-skilled and excellent students to success in every aspect of music. Now, the faculty is proudly moving forward with tradition and with our students making their names in all around the world.


Diploma in Music

The modules offered under the Diploma programme are:

– Performance
– Musical Instruments Manufacturing Technology
– Composition
– Music Technology
– Music Performance Management

This module is divided into instrumental and vocal performances that focus on the traditional music from ethnic communities in Malaysia as well as western music (classical and modern). Focus is given to the technique of playing musical instruments with the correct style besides building self confidence in the students’ appearance during performances. This module focuses on the conservation and manufacture of musical instruments for instance, the Malay drums, stringed instrument, wind instrument and skills in tuning the sound system for the knobbed gong. In addition, emphasizes is also given in composition and arrangement of songs, but major significance is specified in the techniques of writing scores, rhythm section, analysis of scores and compositions. On the other hand, the technology module provides the technical and creative approach in handling equipment and music software. The module and approach aim to produce students who are able to create high quality music and recording. Moreover, students will be exposed to the techniques of music conservation in audio or manuscript and skills in music information management in the form of web and database. This module introduces the theoretical, creative and technical aspects in music production. In the end, students will be given the opportunity to conduct a music performance as their assessment.

 Bachelor of Music(Hons) 

The modules in the Degree program consist of courses that use technology as a bridge to connect the traditional and modern music in producing new masterpiece in tandem with the current developments and needs in the music industry. The modules offered under the Faculty of Music in Bachelor of Music (Hons) are:

– Performance Module
– Composition and Technology Module
– Music Production Module
– Business Music

This module is divided into instrumental and vocal performances that stress on the traditional music of Malay, Chinese, India, ethnics and western music (classical and modern jazz). This music emphasizes on the music analysis and criticism as well as management in music performance.

This module is an advanced course which involves arrangement and composition techniques as well as harmony application. Priority is given to the practice of equipment and software used in music production such as recording technique, editing and mastering. Students are exposed to more creative usage of technology in order to produce high quality work and professionalism. This module is introduced to produce entrepreneurs in the music industry particularly in the area of management, marketing and production.

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