The Faculty of Dance offers full-time training and specialization in dance techniques from Malaysia, Asia and the west. The primary focus of the course is to produce high calibre dancers with a sound knowledge of both traditional and contemporary styles with the intention that this will eventually lead to the development of new movement vocabulary and philosophy that will translate into exciting choreography and staging. The Academy realizes the need to produce graduates who are able to think and work creatively, and subsequently embark on cutting edge choreography while providing opportunities for research projects. This holistic approach to dance training takes into consideration the ability and aptitude of each individual, encompassing the profound understanding of dance education that is transformative. This is gradually establishing ASWARA as the premier arts education centre in Malaysia.

While steeped in tradition, the Faculty of Dance emphasizes a global perspective in its training through collaborative projects that support studio learning. Innumerable opportunities through performance, and workshops have provided much needed exposure and experience to students and graduates. Many of ASWARA’s graduates have gone on to successful careers and have created a space for themselves within the arts industry of Malaysia.

Diploma in Dance

This programme focusses on the fundamentals of the traditional dance of the Malay, Chinese, and Indian as well as dance from Sabah and Sarawak. In addition, students will be introduced to ballet and contemporary dance along with improvisation, choreography, theory, and history.

Bachelor of Dance (Hons)

The faculty offers a degree in Bachelor of Dance (Hons) in two courses, (i) Performance (Traditional and Contemporary) and (ii) Choreography. This comprehensive programme aims to produce graduates with mastery skills in various techniques of Malaysian, Asian and Western dances in general, and acquired one major course in one particular field. The main objective of the programme is to produce international standard of professional dancers and choreographers who are well-educated in the theory and history aspects.

The essential aim of the faculty is to produce dancers and choreographers with excellent knowledge and professionalism and to contributes more performers in the field of dance who are able to be a good leader and work dynamically in the effort to improve the nation’s creative industry. Through the study programme that focuses on the education of theory and philosophy, the faculty equipped the graduates with knowledge and methods to conduct research so that they can also be practitioners, educators, consultants and reference centre for dance ethnology.

The programmes offered under the Faculty of Dance in Bachelor of Dance (Hons) are:


This module aims to train and nurture the student’s performances skills in order to produce professional calibre dancers focussing on the Malay, Chinese, and Indian traditional dances as well as the form and technique of ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary.


This module will focus on facilitating and developing the students’ creativity. In addition, there will be in-debt exposure to the latest working styles and practices. Courses include music composition for dance, lighting design, stage, and dance management, and multimedia.

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