The Faculty of Arts & Cultural Management provides the academic program, professional training and meaningful, comprehensive and intensive education that leads to the aspects of entrepreneurship, management, creating masterpiece and creativity in the creative industry.

The faculty focuses to educate and produce well-trained professional graduates who are not only knowledgeable and highly skilled but also industry-ready for the creative sectors, tourism and cultural that has become most of the significant factors to spearhead the advancement of the world economy.

Bachelor of Arts & Cultural Management (Hons)

Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Management of Arts and Culture is a young faculty which was launched in September 2013. The focus and emphasis of this faculty is towards management and creative arts entrepreneurship based on industry-based learning. This faculty offers Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Management of Arts and Culture. The program content has been prepared in detail with focus and exposure to varies issues especially those relating to management, creative arts management, business, new technology, customer and audience development, branding, marketing & publicity and Law & the Arts.

This program gives hands-on exposure through field projects (practicals) and theories by the experienced lecturers and expertists who are recognized by the local and international creative industries. This degree program will produce highly skilled professional managers who are industry ready to fulfil the creative industry needs which plays an important role in the nation’s economic development. The study period is three (3) years full time.

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