ASWARA will strive to meet the requirements of “stakeholders”, students, parents, suppliers, industry, practitioners and the media. ASWARA promises to provide the best services such as: –

  • Provide education and training programs in arts and cultural heritage the best formal and meet the requirements of the country at least 10 activities per month.
  • Providing curriculum and teaching methods in education Music, Writing, Dance, Theatre, Film & Television, Visual Art Design, Management of  Arts Culture and Heritage in addition of the Centre Traditional Arts (PuTRA) which based on traditional art, without neglecting the needs of the current.
  • Providing quality teaching staff and meet national education policy at least 77 people experienced trainers in their respective fields.
  • Providing a conducive learning space and learning the best equipment at least 29 pieces of space.
  • Providing reference materials and learning friendly advice.
  • Provides advisory services that meet customer needs
  • Provide timely, accurate feedback in a polite manner to clients within the following time frame:
    1. Acknowledgement of receipt within 1 working day
    2. Early response within 3 working day
  • Request for guided tour to ASWARA through:
    1. Letters-Reply within 3 working day
    2. Email-Reply within 1 working day

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