What is Scenography? (Theatre Production Studies)

Author Howard, Pamela
Published On 2001
Publisher Routledge
ISBN 9780415100854
Total Pages / Length 80
Book Formats E-book
Download URL (for e-book) http://online.anyflip.com/peasw/joap/mobile/index.html

The book includes:
  • case studies and anecdotes from Howard’s own celebrated career
  • illustrations of her own recent work, including black and white illustrations throughout and an eight page colour section
  • an updated ‘world view’ of scenography, with definitions from the world’s most famous and influential scenographers
  A direct and personal response to the question of how to define scenography by one of the world’s leading practitioners,¬†What is Scenography?¬†continues to shape the work of visual theatremakers throughout the world.