Contemporary Orchestration A Practical Guide to Instruments, Ensembles, and Musicians

Author Robert Joseph Miller
Published On 2014
Publisher Routledge
ISBN 9781315815008
Total Pages / Length 484
Book Formats E-book
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Contemporary Orchestration: A Practical Guide to Instruments, Ensembles, and Musicians teaches students how to orchestrate for a wide variety of instruments, ensembles, and genres, while preparing them for various real-world professional settings ranging from the concert hall to the recording studio. Unlike most orchestration texts, it includes coverage of contemporary instruments and ensembles alongside traditional orchestra and chamber ensembles. Features
  • Practical considerations: Practical suggestions for choosing a work to orchestrate, and what to avoid when writing for each instrument.
  • Pedagogical features
    • In the Profession: Professional courtesies, considerations and expectations.
    • Building the Score: Step-by-step construction of an orchestration.
    • Scoring Examples: Multiple scoring examples for each instrument.
    • Exercises: Analyzing, problem solving, and creating orchestration solutions.
  • Critical Thinking: Alternate approaches and solutions.